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LQ Consulting and Management Based in the Toronto Area: Providing Real Estate Project Management Services in Toronto and Worldwide

LQ will collaborate with and provide services for property owners, developers and investors interested in developing real estate properties. LQ believes real estate projects are successful for all stakeholders when project management best practices are in place. LQ’s mandate as project managers is to look out for the best interests of our clients while ensuring the delivery of their project in a safe and sustainable manner. LQ works on an open and transparent basis with its Clients to ensure the optimal selection of design professionals, engineers, contractors and material suppliers for the successful completion of the project.

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Typical real estate project management services for our clients include:

  • Consultations to identify and establish project objectives and requirements
  • Support in real estate identification, site selection and acquisition (if required)
  • Project initiation and planning including preparation of a project control budget and schedule
  • Support in the selection of design professionals, including architects and engineers
  • Coordinating between various project stakeholders including the owner, building authorities/municipalities, design professionals, contractors, and material suppliers
  • Sourcing and contracting of contractors, trades and material suppliers on behalf of owner
  • Ensuring performance of contractual terms and conditions by contractors and suppliers
  • Site management to ensure conformance with project requirements (cost, schedule, quality, and safety) and to ensure follow-up of the construction works
  • Reviewing progress claims and invoices of contractors before submission to owner for payment
  • Providing assistance to acquire all required permits and authorizations
  • Analyzing and reviewing changes proposed by contractors taking into account quality, technical and financial aspects
  • Project close-out activities

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Let LQ work with you to transform your vision into a reality. We provide our experienced service no matter how big or small the project. To book your consultation with our project management team, contact LQ Consulting and Management at our corporate office in Oakville, Ontario to get started.

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— Leonardo da Vinci